The Parish Counsel - Episode 205

May 29, 2015

In which we boo at Sepp Blatter; muse upon 'Britain's Hardest Grafter'; find we're too old for new music; wave farewell to 'Buzzcocks'; and review Panorama on BBC1.


The Parish Counsel - Episode 204

May 24, 2015

In which we peer through the Periscope; ask who IS David Cameron?; solve homelessness; watch the last Letterman show; and review 'The Job Centre' on Channel Four.


The Parish Counsel - Episode 203

May 14, 2015

In which we shuffle the Cabinet; ask how you sleep; decide against a visit to Glastonbury; wonder what Verizon will do with all those AOL CDs; and review 'Rory Bremner's Election Report'.


The Parish Counsel - Episode 202

May 8, 2015

In which we review the election result; the Conservatives win, but what next? Did the BBC, ITV, or Sky win the TV battle?; the collapse of Operation Elveden; Periscope won the boxing; & Slow TV reviewed.


The Parish Counsel - Episode 201

May 1, 2015

In which we consider: Ed & Russell; David rolling up his sleeves; Sandi Toksvig; wolf-whistling; 3D TV; the bizarre art of ventriloquism; & we review Nate Silver on Panorama.