The Parish Counsel - episode 88

February 23, 2013

In which late-night phones are rung, emails are scammed, the Mail goes crackers, juries go off track, chicken shops go on telly, Rhona Martin watches TOTP 78 and pretend iPods are enhanced.


The Parish Counsel - episode 87

February 15, 2013

In which padlocks become romantic, a parishioner becomes engaged, a star becomes bankrupt, a supermarket launches a TV channel, Black Mirror is reviewed and a pretend iPod is added to.


The Parish Counsel - episode 86

February 9, 2013

Oi, you two. Whaddya think you're doin'? Podcasting? What on earth is podcasting? Talking about telephone protocol, online cookery, local TV, The One Show and a made up iPod? That's it? Good grief. I must admit I enjoyed the nice Scottish lady talking about My Bloomin' Valentine though. She was good.


The Parish Counsel - episode 85

February 1, 2013

Band re-unions, Blackberry's PR disaster, Vine, Prince Harry on the telly, Weight Watchers investigated and the pretend iPod. Alright if you like that kind of thing I suppose.