The Parish Counsel - episode 71

October 26, 2012

Whatever a 'Vinyl Special" is, these two goons assure me this is the first part of one. Presumably they won't be discussing floor coverings. Also presume there's part two to come. Yes, apparently, there is.


The Parish Counsel - episode 70

October 20, 2012

When they said they had a lot on, I thought the two of them might be busy being useful. But no. They just had a lot to gabble on about, like donuts, Rolling Stones tickets, Las Vegas, Mike Harding, tattoos, Emmerdale live, Grand Designs and that pretend iPod. Call that busy?


The Parish Counsel - episode 69

October 12, 2012

Look, look. It's episode 69. Hee, hee. Y'know like ... dirty things. Tee, hee, hee, hee. Sorry? Oh. Apparently it's just two blokes talking about scary adverts, Emmerdale's festival, Watchdog, Danny Dyer and a pretend iPod. Still. Hee, hee.


The Parish Counsel - episode 68

October 6, 2012

Well, what with it being the big Beatles celebration this week, I thought I'd tune into your podcast thingy to enjoy your mop-top tales and Fab Four insights. What did I find? Giant meals, spam emails, Mr. & Mrs. reviews and pretend iPods. Where was Yellow Submarine? Nowhere, that's where.