The Parish Counsel - episode 67

September 29, 2012

This week's podcast is replaced by live coverage of the golf from Chicago. Oh, wait ... no it seems these two consider discussions of steam fairs, The Great British Bake Off, MySpace, Pukka Pads and the pretend iPod more important than men with sticks hitting little balls. They may have a point, to be honest.


The Parish Counsel - episode 66

September 21, 2012

Hotel problems, too many lights, badly behaved tourists, 999 on telly, Waitrose on Twitter and the pretend iPod? It's you two, isn't it? You're back! Oh, gawd, you're back ...


The Parish Counsel - episode 65

September 9, 2012

If you guys have quite finished yapping about upselling, Club biscuits, sock puppets, the Telegraph and your flippin' made-up iPod, perhaps you'd give me hand with posting flattering comments on my Amazon page ...