The Parish Counsel - episode 47

April 28, 2012

Look out pop-pickers, it's a groovy party ... oh no, hold on. It's not. It's actually a podcast with two blokes sounding off about Bieber, The Daily Telegraph, AA Gill and Mary Beard, Leveson,  BBC Question Time and their made-up iPod. Bit less exciting, sorry.


The Parish Counsel - episode 46

April 21, 2012

I know it 's pouring with rain and supposed to be glorious Spring and all that, but haven't you two got anything better to do than natter on about Cabin In The Woods, Simon Amstell, the Bahrain Grand Prix, Dentgate and your interminable pretend iPod? It seems not.


The Parish Counsel - episode 45

April 14, 2012

I can see you. Sitting around in your clothes. Talking, literally talking, about late night 5Live, Derek and Gervais, Four Rooms, Julie Burchill and the monarchy. I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't picking pop records for that infernal pretend iPod too. I can see you.


The Parish Counsel - episode 44

April 7, 2012

Nom, nom ... Crunchie ... nom ... Galaxy ... nom ... nom ... Samantha Brick ... Flake ... nom ... nom ... Undateables ... Buttons ... nom ... Daily Mail ... nom ... Dairy Milk ... pretend iPod ... choccy bunnies ... nom ... feel a bit sick now ... nom ... hidden extras