The Parish Counsel - episode 43

March 31, 2012

Hello chaps, what are you doing? Talking about Sarah Milican, The Naked Rambler, The Slits and Leonard Cohen, you say? I'll leave you to it.


The Parish Counsel - episode 42

March 23, 2012

You'd think these two would be sick of this nonsense by now, wouldn't you? But no, no - on they go with TV reviews this and Pete Waterman that. Richard Bacon, The Apprentice - on and on and on. They'll be naming tracks for that infernal pretend iPod next. What? They already have? Typical!


The Parish Counsel - episode 41

March 17, 2012

Obviously, all good things must come to an end and the blessed relief of those two goons having a week off is shattered as they return to bend ears with talk of Egypt, horse racing, football improvements, Masterchef and popular music recordings suitable for made up MP3 players. Thanks, fellas.


The Parish Counsel - episode 40

March 3, 2012

Oh yes. That's right. Shopping to be done. Garden to be dug. Hamster to be fed. And these guys don't lift a finger. They're too 'busy' giving it gob on Make Bradford British, Proud and Prejudiced, Murdoch, The Sun On Sunday and picking beat music to put on a machine that doesn't even exist. Just leave everything to me, fellas.