The Parish Counsel - episode 39

February 25, 2012

And, as winter turns to Spring, a couple of old buffers refuse to leave the house, instead they natter on about The Brits, ticket rip-offs, firework jeopardy, absorbing culture, famous godparents and songs for pretend iPods. Get some exercise!


The Parish Counsel - episode 38

February 18, 2012

Here they come. Walking down the street. Well, not exactly walking, more sitting. In fact, only sitting. And there's no street involved. But there are two geezers. And they are talking about Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, Ten o Clock Live, junk telly, Whitney hyperbole and putting tracks on an iPod that isn't there. They do look a bit like monkeys too.


The Parish Counsel - episode 37

February 11, 2012

Ah sweet relief! Granted those two grizzled old blokes are there waxing on about Junior Doctors, horror on the railways, Twitter, Sky and their virtual iPod device - BUT at least they are punctuated by a lovely, talented lady about halfway through. It won't last.


The Parish Counsel - episode 36

February 4, 2012

Setting the world to rights? That's for the UN. Instead, these two wide-boys have a chinwag about odd names for pets, Tales From The Underground, being gay in football, addiction to social media and the return of the mighty virtual iPod. Give it some ears, why don't you?