The Parish Counsel - episode 28

November 26, 2011

Good grief. It's those two again. I only popped round to borrow some sugar and there they are jabbering on about Tory Boy, Daybreak, advertising music, George Monbiot and that bloomin' iPod of theirs. I made my excuses and went home. You might like it though.


The Parish Counsel - episode 27

November 14, 2011

Hey! You two! What time do you call this? Don't give me all that nonsense about technical problems! Now, get on with your talky talk about poppies, zombies, Soho, Life's Too Short and pop songs for your new-fangled virtual iPod. And don't be late again, do you hear?


The Parish Counsel - episode 26

November 5, 2011

While the Euro tanks and the economy crashes these two muppets have a pow-wow about Jimmy Savile, racism, Radio Four's news issues, BBC job titles and a couple of records they quite like. Will they never learn?