The Parish Counsel - episode 25

October 28, 2011

Pull up a chair. Help yourself to tea. And listen in as these two donuts give it large about spooky happenings, the Young Apprentice, The Cure at The Albert Hall, protesters in tents and pick some of that beat music for the invisible iPod. Something should be done.


The Parish Counsel - episode 24

October 22, 2011

Giggling like a couple of big girls, here they come again. With their talk of The Stone Roses, dictators in freezers, Chris de Burgh's eyebrows, Private Eye and an invisible iPod, you'd think they had nothing better to do.


The Parish Counsel - episode 23

October 15, 2011

Two blokes. Nothing better to do but go on and on about Terence's mum, politicians getting life horribly wrong, Macca's wedding and the Beatles reunion that wasn't and their invisible i-Pod. Layabouts.


The Parish Counsel - episode 22

October 8, 2011

Here they come. Banging on about that Later show off the telly, Steve Jobs and Apple, BBC cuts and Danny Baker - not to mention Bob Dylan's pictures and rubbish toys. Haven't these people got jobs?


The Parish Counsel - episode 21

October 1, 2011

The key to the door. In this episode the Slimmer Twins get all verbal about The Bible reunion, Echo & The Bunnymen's issues, Michael Jackson's body, Tevez in trouble and Blue Peter pets. Afterwards they rewire some plugs.