The Parish Counsel - episode 20

September 24, 2011

Two blokes - Terence & Magnus - sitting down and talking about Dorset, REM, Downton Abbey, Simon Cowell, The Queen Mother and The Royal Variety Performance. Then standing up and wandering off.


The Parish Counsel - episode 19

September 17, 2011

And so the intrepid duo turn their attention to Wossy's new show, the future of famous record labels, the return of Johann Hari and public speaking. Then there's the washing up to do.


The Parish Counsel - episode 18

September 3, 2011

So here come Magnus & Terence with tales of Facebook dates gone bad, false starts and Eric Schmidt. They bid farewell to Tom Hibbert and discover the bits of the USA you should never visit. Then they switch off the mic and mow the lawn.